DSCN3506There was another shooting this weekend, targeting Jews.  A mother, wife and lovely woman was killed in the Poway, California Chabad synagogue. The rabbi was injured,  and now has a missing finger to remind him forever of the tragedy.  He stated that “he did not know why G-d spared my life in the Poway synagogue.  All I can do is make this borrowed time matter”.

It is not just Jews, but all people that are being targeted.  The Muslims in New Zealand; the students just today at North Carolina University.  It is heart wrenching, sickening, unfathomable.  It doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason.

I attended a vigil for the victims at Chabad in Saratoga tonight.  It was a comfort, I think for the members of the congregation to see the support.  It was especially heart warming to hear the little children singing their little hearts out.

Although, I don’t words to explain or say why things happen, I know that love will prevail, and there is goodness in the world.  Our words, our deeds, our kindness will overcome evil.  We can hope.

The photo above shows winter with a light beckoning to come out of the darkness.  We can be the spring, we can be the light.




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