Creativity, Corona and Quietude

IMG_20200314_170016_617There’s no doubt these are uncertain times. People are getting sick, and even some are drawing their last breath. My heart aches for many and somehow the inconvenience of “suiting up” ie. wearing gloves and wiping down the grocery cart today doesn’t seem so bad. Health care workers are putting their lives on the line every single day, along with essential workers. For that, they have my gratitude.

I vacillate between getting somewhat discouraged, as I live alone. But I also am buoyed by others, keeping in touch via zoom or snowshoeing or walking at a distance. My family are all safe and healthy, and for that I am grateful. Right now, I can’t see my kids or grandson, as I am at “that age”. And we could infect each other. Many of us are in the same boat. I’m  staying home, creating by quilting and writing. And even cleaning. And I’m planning a special event for a family member.

Today I walked with a neighbor at a distance, and we stood by a little pond and heard the spring peepers, and a sound we couldn’t distinguish. It was a croaking sound, not sure if it was ducks or if was frogs.  But it was lovely to feel the sunshine and listen to the sounds of spring.  It was pure hope.


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