Sunsets, Supermoon, Solitude, Surprises

IMG_20200406_191549709The other night  there was a pretty sunset. I thought about that for a moment, about how sometimes the little beautiful things can create quietude and wonder. There was also a beautiful supermoon last night- very bright and it seemed to have a red glow on the outer edges.  I was happy just looking at it.

The past two days have been the beginning of passover- the traditional seders where we have symbolic foods, and celebrate with family and friends by reading the Haggadah, and have a festive dinner. In truth, I have been kind of dreading these days with the necessity of being alone,  and not celebrating with family and friends like we usually do.

But,  instead I find that I have been delighting in surprises.  A zoom pre-seder conversation with one of my best friends did wonders for my soul. And tonight my family and I are going to have a seder across the miles by using zoom.  A temple member delivered the foods that I would have had at her house- so I could enjoy them. That was so kind and appreciated.  I also received a surprise book in the mail today from a friend called “Finding Dorothy”.  She wrote “This is about strong NYS women. While you are staying at home, you can travel back in history”. How kind! I had downloaded the app “Libby” from our library, but it will be so nice to have a real book in my hands to read.  I also got to know one of my neighbors a little better by helping her to make masks for the workers who are helping the homeless, and people at Bridges.  That was a nice little surprise benefit.

Maybe the lesson from this virus thing is to treasure our family, friends, and nature. (I’ve been taking a lot of nature walks, either by myself or socially distancing with one person). I sure hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, I will take the moments of suprise and wonder that I can get.

One thought on “Sunsets, Supermoon, Solitude, Surprises”

  1. Nice, Carol.
    Glad you are staying connected. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime we have this wonderful gift of time to enjoy the important things.


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