Like a Mountain Climber

Today was a usual Sunday. I woke up rather early, got up before 8, and was ready to start the day. I called a dear friend around 9. We planned on going  in her kiddie pool this afternoon, socially distancing, big enough to hold three of us,  ( a neighbor of hers was also coming over). But on the way over, my car died. The “electrical” light had come on, I had stopped at a service station before, but no mechanics were there, and I thought  Well, I have enough power to get there, right” ? Until I can there to my reliable trusty mechanic tomorrow morning right? Wrong. On the way over four lights came on. I though uh oh trouble. So, I turned around went toward  home,and it gradually died, more and more. I pulled into a soccer field away from traffic. I called my friend. No answer. Called another dear friend  who was willing to meet me at the soccer field. It was 90 degrees out. AAA told me it would be an hour before they could get there to have it towed.  And because of Covid , had to have somebody else had to pick me up Well,.I thought I have the NY Times Sunday edition in the car, cold drinks, and a lawn chair in my car- I’ll wait for the tow truck, in the shade underneath that yonder tree, and wait for the tow truck and my friend to pick me up. The tow truck came in 40 minutes, he let me ride in the cab, as long as we wore masks, and would give me a ride home. All good. I’m home now. Not a catastrophe. Could have been worse, much worse. I was in the Adirondacks yesterday with another friend, but in a pretty remote area. It was a beautiful day, hiking and kayaking. Could have been stuck for hours.  But I’m not. Here’s my spa for the day. Life is good. On the way out of the cab, the young man said to me ” You’re like a mountain climber”. I had to hold on to the bar to get in and out of the cab. Yes I am. Considering I had just went on a hike the day before.

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