Memorial Day and Masks

Today is Memorial Day, a day when we think of those who served, and of those who lost their lives in service to their country. I always think of my Dad who served in London during World War II.  He could never speak of that time, but always proudly put out our flag on national holidays, and the moment a drop of rain fell, he would quickly bring the flag back inside. He was a quiet gentle good man who loved playing with us and carving pumpkins and flying kites. Simple pleasures.

This year it certainly was a different Memorial Day, with the very scary Corona virus dictating our thoughts and actions.  It hovered over us, and while many of us ventured outside, and enjoyed the beautiful weather, some couldn’t. They weren’t around anymore to celebrate, and their loved ones are grieving their loss. Yesterday’s NY Times listed 1,000 names and their stories of those who were lost in the Pandemic. “They Were Not Simply Names on a List, They were Us.”

I wonder what my Dad would think of those who say they have the “freedom” of not wearing a mask in public. I don’t think he would agree. I think he would want my family and I to be safe and to wear a mask to protect ourselves as well as others.

Thanks for serving, Dad. I will be safe and wear a mask. And just like you were, I will be kind. Happy Memorial Day.

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