Today was a lovely day at the beach. In fact, the last several days have been lovely.  A sweet friend invited me to spend several days at her house she rented in Cape May, in celebration of her birthday.  I met some wonderful people  that were staying at the house and really had fun swimming,  watching the dolphins and watching the beautiful sunsets.  Last night, everyone clapped as the sun set.  It was spectacular.

As we were leaving, I noticed how many people had gathered to watch the sunset. I was so intently watching and talking that I hadn’t noticed the crowd.  But, it was all good.  Good in the sense that young and old had gathered,  strangers asked each other to take pictures,  and willingly obliged.  It fact, we did the same thing. And, we got a good picture out of it.

It is delightful to take a breather now and then  to see a different place, and spend time with good people. It refreshes my soul.  And,  I was happy to be there, to delight in simple things, and to feel fortunate that I was in this time and place.  07011820252

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