Tulips in the Rain

DSCN3597I had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend,  with my daughter visiting, a lovely dinner out with her and my youngest son, and my youngest son making dinner tonight.  It was delicious! And a phone call from my oldest son – and my grandson saying “Happy Mother’s Day”.  From a two year old, it sounds so sweet.

I also went to the tulip festival in Albany.   The tulips were beautiful, even in the pouring rain.  I was drenched, but still glad I went.  Throughout the weekend,  I had thought about a friend of mine who had told me some very bad news.  The tulips in the rain reminded me that in life you often take the bitter with the sweet.  You don’t have much of a choice, you do the best you can. ” What matters is not how we struggle, but where we find our peace”.