A New Year

Today is New Year’s Day. A day of hope, of possibilities for the coming year.

However, we are faced with some things that may cause us to pause and wonder if we should be optimistic. The number of people affected by the new variant is continuously rising. Fires are raging in Colorado. As my sister so aptly put it ” Mother Nature isn’t so happy with us.” Every time I turn on the news, there seems to be another shooting.

I do have hope, though. We have a vaccine against the virus, when we wondered a year and a half ago whether it would be developed. It is now safe to be amongst our family and friends in small groups. We can hug again. And there is always the wonder, beauty and stillness of nature to find comfort and solace in.

As Mary Oliver writes, “into the world below like stars, or the feathers of some unimaginable bird that loves us, that is asleep now and silent-that has turned itself into snow.”

Take in the beauty of everyday. You are a gift to the world, and a gift to each other. Happy New Year.