Days of Awe

It is the time of year when we reflect, and think about the ways that we can improve or think about things we could have done better.  For us, it is the holiest day of the year.For me,  I think how I could have done more  or better in many ways. However, this year, I would like to concentrate  even more on the simple beauty that surrounds us.  Taking in the birds that sing, the changing seasons, the beauty of flowers. Watching the beautiful sunsets.  Taking  even  more delight in my beautiful family.  In these crazy times, it seems that this is what matters the most. It is awe inspiring.0819181933


Gabriel’s Horn

DSCN3141           Over the weekend, I went to visit my son and his wife and my little grandson.  What delight! What a precious family!

Along the way, I saw a weathervane , of Gabriel’s horn.  I turned around, and stopped to look at it.  It was lovely. I am taken by angels, particularly Gabriel who is an archangel. It is my youngest son’s name, and my husband’s Hebrew name (Gavriel).  It spoke to me. And a couple of weekends before,  I had stopped at a church to take a picture of a similar weathervane on top of a church In Newbury Port, Massachusetts.  All good reasons to buy it.

But, it was expensive.  I talked to the owner of the antique place, and haggled the price down.  Now I have a beautiful weathervane in my back garden. An antique.  I like to think that it is guarding over us. Just like those souls who have gone before us.