Archangel Gabriel and The People’s Church

On the way to Harpswell, Maine one of my favorite places to vacation, I stopped in Newbury Port, Massachusetts. I love to stop at the People’s Church which has a beautiful Gabriel weathervane.  I look for the archangel  Gabriel weathervane when I can. I also have one in my backyard, where I sit and ponder. The archangel Gabriel means G-d is my strength in some religions. It is also my youngest son’s name, and my beloved Glenn’s Hebrew name.

Here he/she is giving me strength, and pause to wonder.


Gabriel’s Horn

DSCN3141           Over the weekend, I went to visit my son and his wife and my little grandson.  What delight! What a precious family!

Along the way, I saw a weathervane , of Gabriel’s horn.  I turned around, and stopped to look at it.  It was lovely. I am taken by angels, particularly Gabriel who is an archangel. It is my youngest son’s name, and my husband’s Hebrew name (Gavriel).  It spoke to me. And a couple of weekends before,  I had stopped at a church to take a picture of a similar weathervane on top of a church In Newbury Port, Massachusetts.  All good reasons to buy it.

But, it was expensive.  I talked to the owner of the antique place, and haggled the price down.  Now I have a beautiful weathervane in my back garden. An antique.  I like to think that it is guarding over us. Just like those souls who have gone before us.