End of hike Moreau Overlook Hike
Lake Bonita

I think the experiences have been embellished because I have had both Covid vaccines. I feel more freedom to go on hikes unmasked. I now can visit with family more easily, and that is a reason in itself to rejoice.

I’ve been lucky to be able to go on hikes with my hiking group as well as some friends lately. The wildflowers at this time of year are exquisite and the weather has been glorious.

Lake Bonita

On one hike, my friend pointed out the Mayapple, which has umbrella like leaves. The flowers are white, but they haven’t come out yet. The leaves are quite beautiful and I can imagine the fairies dancing underneath them.

I’m thankful for each day, for nature and that I can celebrate that we’ve come through Covid. Things are starting to come back. Can you dig it?

Wild Geraniums

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