Passover and my birthday

This past weekend, it was my birthday as well as Passover. It was really special, because my children and Grandbabies came to visit. It was a joyous occasion, as we’ve been vaccinated, and could hug. Me hugging my Grandbabies. That’s the best thing! And of course, hugging my kids! We made a beautiful big fire in the fire pit outside, and enjoyed each moment. We had a lovely seder at night, a shortened version for the little ones.

Sea and Sky Quilt I made that I gave to one of my kids

The next day, we celebrated my birthday with a cake, and gifts. But, the greatest gift was being with my family. How sweet it is!!

2 thoughts on “Passover and my birthday”

  1. What a beautiful Passover and Birthday celebration! Your quilt is beautiful! So happy for you that you got to hug kids and grandkids and rejoice with family. We look forward to that in May! 🙂


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