Kayaking and Cubscouts

At least for me right now, it’s really hard to find beauty. As much as I try to laugh about everything, it’s hard. I use USL Universal Sign Language ( could even use in Africa) to sign for orders in delis etc, because they can’t hear me. And at the local Stewart s When they can’t hear me When I want a float with seltzer I say cheeseburger cheeseburger coke coke pepsi ( old Saturday night live skit check it out) because they can’t hear me. Ummm do you think management should turn music down during Covid-19? Push it ask, I shouldn’t be the only one. Managers have looked at me like I’m crazy, I’m not crazy.

Yesterday I went to Moreau State Park to go kayaking . Do you think it was peaceful! Well no, it wasn’t There we’re about 30 Cubscouts at the lake . Bless their little hearts and they were having a blast. But asked the cub scout leader to step back no mask. And you know the leaders weren’t female. So he got a little huffy. I went around the lake at top speed, it was beautiful. But because I had to drag my kayak to one beach to another ( pretty spry for 67) I was pretty darn mad. So I went to the forest rangers ( I’ve met some really good female and male ones) and said well there they are, and I don’t want to get mad at kids, but shouldn’t they have masks on? Finally, there was some action. And I’m trying to drink in the beauty like above, and I’m trying not to take in too much Irish whiskey. And I’m succeeding.

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