Angel Chimes

IMG_0208A few weeks, I went quilt  fabric hopping with friends.  ( For those of you who are not quilters, it means going to one   quilt fabric store to another in search of fabrics). It turned out that many of the fabric stores were closed, it being a  Monday.  We laughed- I called it the mid life shoppers trip- we didn’t care, we just wanted to have fun, which we did.  The Vermont country store was open, and I asked if they had angel chimes. They did.

Seeing them glowing,  I am so glad. The angel Gabriel whirls around, with the slight heat of the candles causing him (or her) to swirl.  It is a relic from my childhood, and memories of beautiful wondrous Christmases. Now, I celebrate Channukkah, but the angels are universal celebrating hope and wonder. I am watching the candles tonight and am grateful for their charm and anticipation of the season of light. I wish you the joy and peace of this wondrous season, and if not I  do  wish you a little of the light that shines.

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