Snow Angel

IMG_0193Today I took a walk with my dog Trixie after the two day snowstorm.  When I came back, I let Trixie run around in our yard, which she loves to do.  As she was gallivanting around, I paused to look at the Gabriel’s horn weathervane which I have in my backyard.  It was beautiful against the snow, with the morning light filtering through. What a delight!

I am in the midst of making some big decisions, none of them life threatening, just big.  Taking a moment to look at the snow, and the  angel Gabriel gave me a moment to gather strength. Things work out, they always do.  My family and friends and the work I do to make the world a little better are my angels.  And the peace I have when I look at nature is all I need to say, okay, you can do this.  Yes I can-  and I will.

One thought on “Snow Angel”

  1. Carol, I love this description of a peaceful moment of self reflection and inspiration for strength for the journey ahead! Yes, you will, my friend!


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