Blessing Each 0ther

DSCN3713Last night, I attended services at a temple in Troy.  It was an intimate gathering, with dinner and song.  It was lovely.

At the beginning of the service, the leader asked us to bless each other, and we were to ask our partner what they  would like to be blessed for.  I started, and I said I hoped he had a good week, and be blessed for a good shabbat, and all of the good things.

He started to tell me how he had lost his partner, about a year ago.  I listened,   said “I’m so sorry”.   He showed me a picture of his love, and  I shared how I had lost my love years ago. We talked, and listened to each other, and he said he was sorry, too. I said “it will get better, I know”.  He finished by asking me “do you have anything you want to be blessed for?”   I said,  I shook my head and said, “I have a lot of blessings”.

And so it was. Two people who didn’t know each sharing blessings, and hope. And now, we each walk on our paths, each a little lighter because of our beautiful encounter.


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