IMG_0159Of late, things are very convulted in my life.  There is an expression “something” hits the fan. Well, that’s what it’s like- the “somethings” are all over the place. So, what can I do to dispel the feeling? Write, which I’m doing at this moment.  And, be grateful.

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  I am grateful to my Dad who fought in world War II. He could never speak of it, as most people didn’t in that in generation. He was in London during the War, and I am supposing he was there during the Blitz. But he lived to not tell the tale, because I am here. And I am grateful for the wondrous childhood that he and my Mom provided for us.  We weren’t wealthy, but they often went without so that we could have new clothes at Easter (I loved those orchid frilly new dresses and patent leather shoes)!  I loved playing name that tune and humming on the front porch- and admiring the stars at night. Sometimes, my Mom would take my father’s hand, and say “let’s take a stroll around the yard”.  They did, and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. My Mom had beautiful gardens- roses, snapdragons, tulips, wisteria climbing up on the front porch, and my father had a beautiful victory garden.  My Dad and I had planted watermelons one year, and they weren’t exactly growing. So my Dad lovingly placed a store bought watermelon in the garden so I wouldn’t be disappointed. I believed  I had grown it and  I was thrilled! Another time perhaps when I was five or six, my Mom cut me a beautiful boquet for me to take to my teacher- full of tulips and wisteria. On the way to the bus, I threw it down because I thought other kids would make fun of me. But then I thought better of it, and brought it to class. I’m sure that helped to make her day, and the teacher was grateful.

I am grateful for the country we live in. It is so beautiful, and we have freedom. We are living in a troubling time. I am doing what I can- speaking out, demonstrating, registering people to vote, teaching English to a new immigrant.  I refuse to go into a negative state, and proclaim doom and gloom.  I am grateful for the opportunity to go to Uganda, and volunteer and work with kids with special needs, and work with the most wonderful teachers. I am grateful that I could communicate with those beautiful hearing impaired kids in Uganda, as sign language is universal.  After seeing kids walk for miles and mile  to provide clean water and  for their families,  I am grateful I can turn on the water in my kitchen, and there it is. I’m grateful we have post offices in America, as the infrastructure is such that there are not post offices.  There, even a pen is a luxury, so treasure your pens.

I am grateful for my family, and their beautiful smiles and kindness. I am grateful for my friends who lift me up when I’m down , and in turn I lift them up when they need a hand to hold on to.  So now, I  can look out my door and wonder at the snow, and see the trees embrace the purity and whiteness. And the day is only beginning.

Note: I really do have to change the date on my camera; photo was taken today.

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