Moose Encounter

DSCN3816A few weeks I went to Alaska.  It was an amazing magical experience. My cousin lives there, and I had wanted to visit her for years and take in the beauty and catch up with her and childhood memories.  One to the things that I wanted to do was go to Denali National Park, and possibly hopefully see wildwife.  I had always wanted to see a moose in the wild.

On the first day we were there we went on a lovely walk near by a place called Savage Crossing next to a stream.  The signs warned of encountering bears (both black and grizzy bears), and not to run if we saw one and “look big”.  Luckily we didn’t see any, but didn’t see anything else either.

On the next day we decided to give it another try early in the morning. We weren’t too long into the park when we saw four moose in the distance.  There were two young bulls challenging each other, a female cow moose,  and a beautiful big bull moose.   The bull tried to get the cow interested in him, but  she didn’t seem interested and just kept on eating.

We got out to take a closer look. He started ambling toward us.  He was magestic, with a full rack of antlers.  Beautiful!  He kept on coming near us, and we drank in the pure beauty of this creature.  He kept on getting closer and closer.  We  were able to just watch him, as he was eating in the brush.  Now and then he would look up and stare at us, too as if to say “what’s the big deal?  I live here”.  Several other cars had stopped to take a look, too. All of  us were in awe. After I while I got  back in the car, as he was so close- within 75 feet. But we could still take in the beautiful moment.  My cousin stayed outside, and took a video of him.  After he ambled off, we so grateful for the beautiful magestic close up view of this huge, perfect moose.  I will always treasure this close up view the wild, and one beautiful bull moose.



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