Adirondacks, peace, and sorrow

DSCN3649This past weekend, I spend a lovely weekend with friends  from our book group at a beautiful camp on a lake in the Adirondacks. It was wonderful- good food, conversation, camaderie, and beautiful weather enhancing the magestic Adirondack mountains.  Fireworks, a campfire.  Orion, the Hunter  glowing above us.  It was wonderful! Who could ask for more?

As we relished the weekend,  the news came . Another shooting. and another. It really hadn’t registered with me until I watched the news tonight. Innocent people doing normal things.  Going to a mall or an evening out.

It greatly saddens me. I am grief stricken.  What do we do?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that simple “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough. Although that may help, it is not enough.

What I am cherishing right now is the thought that we can each do something. Call our legislators about gun control.  Be there for each other. Listen to each other, even if we don’t always agree. Take the time to mourn, to grief, and then realize you are each a beautiful human being  who can act on your grief. We are not powerless.

I hope that the  victims’ families will find solace in the fact that many others care deeply about their tragedies. I will go to the mountains, and then find a way to act on my grief.  My strength will come from the mountains, and then I will go on.




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