Independence Day/ The Babies Left the Nest

DSCN3624Several weeks ago, the baby robins left the nest that their mama had built on a plant stand on my front step.  I had been watching them, and enjoying  watching their growth and development.  And suddenly,  poof they were gone.  I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that they were healthy enough to leave the nest, and a little sad I wouldn’t see them anymore. But, I think I may see them flying around our front yard.  That’s good!

I thought about the mama, and how she had fiercely defended the nest, squawking when we came anywhere near it.  And how she had worked so hard to feed them,  sleeping at night and then out first thing in the morning to find something to feed them.

Today, on Independence Day I think of how many people have nutured our country; trying  their best.  My parents worked hard so we could have a better life.  I know I am priveledged, and many people don’t have the same things that I do.  Like the robin and her babies I have a house and food and shelter. A nice house.  I’m lucky.

As I think of our country, and what some people are enduring, I think about what I can do to nuture our country and make it better.  Like the robin, I plan to do my best and make it better.

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