DSCN3445     I was fortunate and blessed to visit Italy a few weeks ago.  It was a life long dream since high school, to see The Creation in the Sistine Chapel. (no photos allowed in there; I was happy to take in the wonder and just sit and “gawk”). It was also a celebration of my new knee, and of the hard work it took to get me functioning again.  So happy that it worked well. L’chaim to life!

If I had to pick a favorite place, (and there many), it would be Tuscany- in the mountains- I loved the beautiful rolling hills, the vineyards, the light. The essence and beauty of nature. I thought, I’m in heaven. Indeed!

Secondly,  there was beautiful art work on every corner, in the cities. The architecture is wondrous. Above is the Pieta by Michangelo.  I think the photo speaks for itself.  It was actually the second time I had  seen it. Again, I’m so blessed. My parents took my sister and I to the World’s Fair in New York City in the ’60s.  It had only been out of the country once in 500  years.

Another photo is of the architeture-  you  can see the Jewish influence on the cathedral- The architect  was Jewish. Magnifico!

And, my favorite part, too was meeting people from over all the word on the tour.  Our Italian tour guide was delightful. He led us throughout the tour with humor and his very apparent love of his country.  There were people from all continents on the tour- Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Viet Nam, Malaysa, South Africa.

We had an expression in the ’70s.  “Do you know Where I’m Coming From”?  Do you know what I mean?  I did, from each person that I met on the tour. And it made all the difference.DSCN3375




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    1. Thanks Laurette! Didn’t see this comment until now! Yes us lassie s and fine lad will have to get together and have some Chiati and look at photos! (And German potato pancakes)!


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