Blue Heron and a Moonlight Walk

0923181611a309231820051    On this past Sunday, it was a beautiful golden September day. I decided to go kayaking after a I did a few necessary things.  It was lovely- I always look at kayaking as sort of a mini-vacation. To paddle quietly and look at nature while skimming along the water is divine.  As I was entering one of my favorite coves, a woman in her kayak said,”There’s a Great Blue Heron sitting by the road”. “He let me just look at him for about a half an hour or so”.    I smiled, and said “thank you”.  “Enjoy”!,  she said and left the cove.  I paddled in a little further, and then saw him, just sitting on a log. He was beautiful, and let me just sit there and watch him, also. He also put on a bit of a show, and spread his wings. I had a peak of his inner  dusty blue feathers. It was splendid!

Later in the evening, my neighbor and friend and I decided to talk a walk with our dogs.  The moon was beautiful, casting a luminescent glow.  I pointed out the big dipper.  As we chatted, I breathed in the beauty.  It was a delightful day, and an enchanting evening.

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