The Watering Hole

0828181900   Yesterday was a very hot day.  I was lucky enough to spend it in a museum with a dear, close friend and  the exhibit was marvelous.   It was air conditioned, and lovely.  At the end of the day,  a neighbor suggested we go to a local walking trail, and take a dip in the stream that meanders through the path.

She texted ” think: Cool Mt. Stream washing over you.”  It sounded wonderful, and too good to pass up.

We did- we went on the hike, and brought our dogs.  My dog loved it, running through the water, frolicing, and just plain enjoying life. The other dog was more hesitant, but eventually got in, too.  He seemed to like it.  I often call him Eyore (from Winnie the Pooh), but even Eyore got over his hesitation, (From “oh no, what are we going to do now?”, to “hey this isn’t so bad).

My neighbor and I relished the moment,  enjoying the early evening and the coolness of the water rushing over us. It was delicious.  We imagined in the olden days, the farmers might have brought their animals there to drink ,  and taken a dip themselves after a long, hot day.

What a wonderful way to end the day with good company, our beloved dog companions,  and the beauty of what the earth provides us.







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