Today was a beautiful day.     It was full of sunshine, a magnificent azure blue sky, and picture perfect.

Today is also Father’s Day, a day of honoring Dads.  I’ve been lucky to have  had a wonderful Dad, and a husband who was a truly loving, fun, caring Dad to his children.  And my Dad who was my father-in-law.    I confess that the day is bittersweet.  I miss them.

But then again, I think about the incredible gifts I have; my three wonderful children, my beautiful grandson, and the “new” amazing daughter in-law and son-in-law I have.   And, the fact that I can sit and look at my lovely perennial garden,  and enjoy.

So, in perspective, I’m indeed lucky.

I confess too,  that the news has been troubling me almost to the point of tears. I think of the young children whose parents have crossed the border, and have been taken away from their Moms, their Dads.

It is a helpless feeling, but I am resolved to donate, to contact legislators, to do something.

I was contemplating all this when I noticed an iris had bloomed in my garden, it hadn’t bloomed in years.

Almost simultaneously, an email arrived from a dear friend. She spoke of my husband Glenn, and our dear Dads.  Always, when we need to support each we seem to be in touch.  The email also contained a link to a beautiful writing from Rabbi  Jonathan Sacks who  connected to living life, “and life being a never ending stream, living water”.

The iris blooming today reminded me to live in the moment, to see beauty, and to appreciate all that we hold dear.DSCN3051















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