DSCN2978In my neighborhood, grass is important (not the kind you smoke). Plush, green lawns surround me. For over twenty plus years I have steadfastly refused to put chemicals on my lawn- so it doesn’t look quite as plush and artificially green as the  neighbors.  For me, the birds  that are on and near my home not being exposed to chemicals and the quality of my drinking water are far more important.

As the farmer down the road once told me it’s none of anyone’s business if I choose to put chemicals on my lawn, or not.

I do love my flowers, and each year I take pride and  pleasure in tending to my annuals and perennials.  I also reseed my lawn in spots where the grass is bare, to make things look a bit better.  This year, I particularly wanted my lawn  and year to look nice for the company  that were visiting  from overseas. It did look pretty with  colorful pops of colors, and the lushness of the ferns blending in.

Some of the children that were visiting had a great deal of fun pulling on the grass, playing in the dirt,and hiding tiny figures in dirt castles.  I delighted in watching them, as they talked and giggled  with this simple activity.

In my book, I’ll take children playing and pulling on the grass any day over a plush green lawn.

During that simple moment, the birds sounded even sweeter.





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