Lilies of the Valley

I have an “island” in the middle of the lawn now filled with Lilies  of the Valley. I love their fragrant delicate smell; and how their tiny white flowers are like little bells, just taking in the breeze. A sure sign of spring.

They don’t last very long. Each year; I take a few into the house so I can enjoy their smell and beauty.

This year, and every Memorial Day weekend, I think of my Dad and how he didn’t last as long as we would have liked. He died when he was 71.  He fought in World War II, serving in London.He couldn’t talk very much about the War. I knew he loved his country; and would proudly fly the American flag each national holiday.  The moment it  rained he would quickly walk out to the front porch, and bring it back inside. My Mom told the story of how he was about to go overseas  to serve when my brother was only two,  and how she cried all night.  My Dad snored through the night. What else could he do?

My Dad was wonderful in many ways.  I learned from him that taking the time to play with  your children is one of the most important things you can do. He would tease us by saying  “if you’re not good, you won’t be able to care the pumpkin”, or “you won’t be able to fly the kite”. Really, he was the one who wanted to do it.  We always did those magical simple things, and relished those moments.

This Memorial Day, take time to smell the beauty, play with the ones you love and remember those who so valiantly served.

Thanks, Dad.



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