Simple moments

Hello- welcome to my blog.  By sharing with you, I hope to give a glimpse of the simple moments; and how those moments can be beautiful.

Today, I sat outside and looked at a beautiful feathery fern.  How simple in its beauty, and yet how complex.  The feathery fronds, the spores on the underside.

Are we like ferns?   Only needing a shady place, soil, and some sunlight?

It seems not.  Do we really need all the things that we think we need? Probably not. But what we do need is each other.  What we really need is to feel that we belong, that we’re accepted,  that we’re loved.

It seems that in today’s world; this is sadly lacking.  We are quick to judge; quick to lose our tempers. And, we look at each other as the “other”.  Even as I write this, I seem to be judging. But, that is not my intent.

My intent is to just be. And perhaps, as the years pass, to pass on some things.  For now,  I want to appreciate my surroundings, to take in the light, and to deal with the shade the  best I can.  Like the verdant fern, I am what I am.  And I hope you can be, too.


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